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Large Minority has teamed up with one local Non-Governmental Organization based in Cambodia; Mlup Baitong.

As you can see on our rates section - 10% of each team’s entry fee will be allocated to a social and enviromental project in Cambodia. We will be donating all amounts in person along the route and as participants you will all be involved in some way or another in facilitating this and making sure that all money raised goes to the right people.

As a supplement to the funds that will be donated from registration fees we encourage all teams to raise a minimum of USD 500.00 which can be donated directly to any charity of your choice. Although we would like you to contribute any additional funds to our local projects, you are obviously free to donate your money to a charity/good cause in any country/organisation around the world. If this the case we would appreciate to know which organisations/charities are benefiting from your good will, only to document the impact such events have.

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Should you require further information regarding the charity aspect of the Challenge or should you need ideas of how you can raise money, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time on


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